UltraCone Tubes


Use for Concentration Runs such as RNS Isolation

Conical Ultracentrifuge Tubes

Polyallomer and Polyclear

Thin Wall

Puncturable and Sliceable

Use in Swinging Bucket and Fixed-Angle Rotors


The patented* UltraCone tubes with adapters provide a conical bottom in swinging bucket and fixed-angle rotors. The conical bottom of the tube is ideal for concentrations of materials in swinging bucket runs. One common application of the UltraCone system is in the isolation of RNA. One method described in the literature is commonly modified for use with the Beckman SW1Ti rotor and the Seton UltraCone tube PN 5064 with PN 4228 adapter (1).

Your rotors can be used at maximum speed and fluid density up to 20 deg.C with the UltraCone adapters and choice of polyallomer or Polyclear conical tubes. The adapters can be sterilized by autoclaving, ethylene oxide gas or by solvent immersion. The adapters have excellent solvent resistance and will not crack after repeated centrifugation and sterilization cycles.



The internal taper of the adapter matches exactly the external taper of the UltraCone tubes. Use one adapter for each rotor hole. When using UltraCone tubes and adapters in fixed-angle rotors, the appropriate fixed-angle tube cap must be used (2). Insert the adapter into your rotor hole followed by your filled tube. For swinging bucket rotors observe the filling levels normally used for thin wall tubes: 2-3 millimeters from the top. After your run remove the tube from the bucket. The adapter may remain in the bucket after some runs (long runs at high temperatures) but can be removed with the PN 4209 Removal Tool. This tool can be used with the 7/16 through 5/8” adapters and is convenient for reaching adapters at the bottom of long, narrow swinging buckets. The PN 4195 Tube Cutter can be used to cut the conical tip from the body of the tube for access to your concentrated material.

(1) Chirgwin, John M., Pryzbla, Alan E., MacDonald, Raymond J., and Rutter, William J., “Isolation of Biologically Active Ribonucleic Acid from Sources Enriched in Ribonuclease,” (1979) Biochemistry 18, 5294-5299.

(2) Use caps designed for Beckman thin wall Ultra-Clear and polyallomer tubes.

(*) U.S. Patent 4,990,129 and UK Patent GB 2222538 apply.












4195 Tube Cutter

The conical tips of UltraCone tubes can be removed for retrieval of concentrated materials.

4116 Replacement Blade


4209 Removal Tool

This tool conveniently removes the 7/16, 1/2, 9/16, and 5/8” UltraCone Adapters from all swinging bucket and fixed-angle rotors. The 1” adapter does not require a tool for removal from the bucket. Turning the knob expands the conical collet and grips the internal taper of the adapter.